Cahaya Indo Surya (CIS) is a family business in which passion, innovation and tradition have been the driving force for over years. It was 1989 when Chai Mui Sin, a bright businessman from Singkawang, decided to make his way into the Interior trade, specializing in the production of natural-fibre carpeting and the sale of modern-design carpets.

In 2013, Hodik Chaiyadi stepped into his father’s tracks to guide the company towards a new season of success. In 2013 he was joined with his friend, who manages the Carpet Production and is the creative force behind the project. Under Hodik Chaiyadi’s direction, CIS revolutionized its image and vocation, growing into a point of Indonesian excellence in the world of carpets.

The Basis of Happiness

Cahaya Indo Surya (CIS) rugs embody everything a rug should be, forming the centre of the room, the hearth of the modern home, providing warmth and protection. A good rug makes the atmosphere of a room and thus the basis of a home.

Not only does CIS have the vision of designing beautiful rugs, but we also ensure that they are produced with the greatest care. With the help of the local craftsmen’s experience, skill and dedication, CIS’s ideas are slowly and diligently turned into genuine rugs, made from natural materials of superior quality, establishing their own style rather than following short-lived trends, timeless, yet matching the spirit of the times. These are our declared values, which we pursue in the production of our rugs made under fair working conditions. Unique products made in accordance with irrevocable standards. Distinctive details created with love and passion, superior quality, diligence and dedication: Comprising all this, a CIS rug emanates stability, soft warmth and gentle tranquility. It is made to live on, play on, rest on and to be passed on to the next generation – just as a rug should be.