Cahaya Indo Surya (CIS) develops and produces custom rugs and carpets for high-end hotels, restaurants, residential luxury projects, private yachts and jets, mosque & government. The family company established in 2013 has offices in Jakarta, Indonesia.

CIS is known as the definitive specialist when it comes to hand- tufted carpets. CIS carpets stand out thanks to their precisely crafted designs, the exquisite quality of the materials used and the perfect finish. Due to the years of accumulated knowledge and the advanced workmanship, there are no limits to the desired shapes, colours, structures, dimensions or designs. Everything is possible. CIS produces rugs, inset carpets, wall-to-wall carpets and stair carpets, among other things.


— Custom-Made to Your Specifications —

A CIS rug adds the crowning touch to every interior. It is an expression of your personality and stands for luxury and longevity. As a team player, it connects individual elements and highlights your own particular style: a rug takes up colours and textures of furnishing fabrics, decorative items and beloved pieces of art and makes them shine. But it can also introduce a new stimulus and change the ambience. No matter which way you are planning to use it, we will accompany and advise you in your search for your perfect rug. We forego mass production and have each rug individually made to order. Designs, sizes, colours and materials can be adapted to suit your ideas. Whether you are looking for a single piece or planning a whole interior design project, together we will find the rug to complete your room.

For private customers

A custom-made rug stands for individuality and versatility. you can create your own design. All of these can be adapted in terms of colour, size, quality and material, resulting in a wide range of possible combinations. We will also take your own ideas and preferences into account and adapt the design to suit your style and colour scheme. If you wish, we will gladly visit your premises to gain a better understanding of your approach towards interior decoration. We can also produce a sample or create a simulation to give you an overall impression of your room with a CIS rug.

We take time with each customer and will only be satisfied once you have found the rug that meets all your expectations!.

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For architects

Competent, focused, adaptable and committed to finding solutions for your projects, we will develop colour schemes and material options tailored to your needs. Our SRI colour system comprises 600 coloursfor hand-tufted rugs. Individual designs, accurately fitting customized pieces and unusual shapes and sizes can be provided in different qualities. It goes without saying that on-site consultations and samples form part of our service.

It takes approximately 4 –10 weeks to produce a hand-tufted rug based on your design. Production time can be shorter & we will update the progress for you.

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Over the years, Cahaya Indo Surya(CIS)has worked on a large number of projects. Mostof these projects came about because CIS has very strong ties with design agencies on one hand,and its production facilities on the other. This has resulted in long term-relationships that enable all parties in volved to develop the rugs and carpets in such way that the end result meet severy body’s satisfaction.

CIS is capable of translating the creative concepts of design agencies into the finest carpet designs and techniques like no other. The main objective is to ensure the end client is happy with the rugs or carpets, which usually play a primary role in defining the interior of a room, suite, or public area. From this perspective, it makes no difference whether CIS produces carpets for a large hotel, or a single rug for a residential project. CIS approaches all projects with the same level of care and attention.